Meet Kimberly Colburn--Minneapolis/St. Paul Food Stylist. Those who know her see a hard-working woman of skill and many talents. But mostly, we hope she'll invite us over for dinner; where the food is not only delicious, but artfully presented.

She has had several businesses in the food industry--where presentation was very important:

She then moved into the Food Styling industry when she returned to the Twin Cities and has been focusing on that for more than 15 years:

Her work has been seen in publications from the New York Times to the Betty Crocker Cookbook and on food packaging for many of the nation's largest food corporations.

Kimberly Colburn Styling a shotKimberly's recipe for styling success amounts to being inventive, dependable, collaborative, efficient, and having a keen eye for the smallest of details.

Being an excellent cook is the icing on the moist and decadent cake!



In addition to extensive experience with print publications, Kimberly has also styled for videos, helped chefs with demonstrations, taught food styling, and been a panel presenter.


Chef Demonstrations


Panel Presenter

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